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Fructose is the cause of aggravation of inflammatory processes in the intestines

A study led by David Montrose, Ph.D. at Stony Brook University School of Medicine, found that fructose consumption can worsen inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). 

Author: Bolysbek Dana 

Editor: Merentsova Anastasia 



The incidence of IBD is increasing worldwide. This corresponds to the high level of fructose consumption that is characteristic of the modern human diet. 


The researchers tested three mice with intestinal inflammation, which were given large amounts of fructose, which ultimately made the situation worse, and also had a noticeable effect on gut bacteria, causing changes in their type, metabolism and localization in the colon. 


The paper concludes that "excess dietary fructose intake had an effect that can be explained by changes in the composition, distribution and metabolic function of the resident gut microbiota." 


In order to analyze the data obtained during the study, it is planned to develop measures to prevent the pro-inflammatory effects of dietary fructose, as well as to assess whether this diet increases the carcinogenesis associated with colitis. The second point is especially important because patients with IBD are at increased risk of developing colon cancer due to chronic intestinal inflammation throughout their lives.