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Dear readers!


Here is the first in the history, scientific multidisciplinary medical journal IMMS Journal, whose editorial board consists exclusively of students from leading universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the CIS and far abroad.


Today we are witnessing the continuous development of the medical sphere through the introduction of new advances in genetics, molecular biology, biophysics, pharmacology, IT technologies. These achievements are being realized in fundamentally new diagnostic and curative approaches requiring highly qualified specialists in each field. Taking into account such strict requirements for modern doctors, we have set clear goals for popularizing scientific activities, in particular the young and future generations.


The relevance of this journal stems from the need to consolidate students interested in scientific products and to unlock their potential, to develop creative skills and, above all, to gain work experience in writing scientific articles.


The first in Kazakhstan and the only one of its kind international multidisciplinary journal "IMMS Journal" is dedicated to the 55th anniversary of JSC "Astana Medical University" and also held in honor of this event «61st International Scientific-Practical Conference of Students and Young Scientists».


The concept of the journal is based on the provision of information link between the section of basic research in the field of new medical technologies and scientific- practical medicine, promotion and dissemination of advanced domestic and foreign scientific medical knowledge.


In order to successfully implement our ideas, we plan to realize the objectives of the editorial board - development of scientific thought and creation of a platform for scientific research in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as scientific research and development Medical activities and all their components.


The magazine will cover publications on the themes: «Oncology», «Ophthalmology», «Cardiology», with the subsequent expansion of scientific directions of the editorial office.


Our journal will publish the results of original research aimed at improving the health of the population and the quality of life of patients; analytical articles, lectures, reviews in the field of fundamental developments in physics, chemistry, biology with medicinal-biological orientation; results of  pre-clinical and clinical trials of new medical technologies for diagnosis and treatment.


The magazine is peer-reviewed. The quality of the articles is monitored by a staff of professional reviewers and a professor-curator’s board composed of well-known and respected medical scientists. We invite all our many authors to continue cooperation, wait for interesting and relevant articles.

Editor-in-chief of the

"IMMS Journal"

Azhken B. T.


1. Basic provisions.
1.2. The Journal is a scientifically peer-reviewed, fee-free, periodical electronic publication.
1.3. The main languages of the Journal are Russian, English and Kazakh. Other languages can be used at the discretion of the editorial staff, either for each individual article or for the entire Journal.
1.4. The journal is published 12 times a year through the publication of a monthly reviewer consisting of scientific articles published during that period, every month on the first of the following month. The structure of the summary form is presented in Annex A. Each monthly issue has its own picture reflecting the direction of scientific activity. With issue 01 of the Journal, according to the Code of Technical and Vocational Education 0300,000 and the Profile of Education, the name of the specialty: Medicine, Pharmacy, Guided by the Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan from January 22, 2016 No. 65.

2. Purpose and objectives of the activities.
2.1. The main objective of the Journal is:
2.1.1. Development of scientific thought and creation of a platform for scientific research in Kazakhstan with a view to raising the prestige and image of the country in the international arena, developing the segment of medical tourism and raising the level of health care in the country as a whole by stimulating students, Interns, scientists and medical practitioners to conduct research activities with a view to continuing development and education.
2.1.2. Focus on maintaining a high level of the authors' citation index and an adequate level of refereeing.
2.2. The main messages of the Journal are:
2.2.1. Creation of conditions for the formation of a scientific environment for students, interns, residents, master’s degrees, residents, medical practitioners, doctorates, scientists and professors.
2.2.2. Creation of a reliable scientific platform where foreign students or representatives of the scientific community working outside Kazakhstan will be published.
2.2.3. To create the conditions for electronic international conferences, followed by collections of talking points, both electronic and hard copy.
2.2.4. Creating conditions for popular and experienced speakers to come to universities, to various medical events, to clinics as part of the exchange of experience.
2.2.5. Following a clear business plan for the publication of the Journal and its press in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad.
2.2.6. Independent evaluation of incoming research work, divided according to established sections and headings, taking into account the relevance and complexity of the study, and categorized as appropriate, using an unbiased attitude and a lack of self-interest.
2.2.7. To explain to the published authors the level of quality of the work he has carried out, providing the conditions for choosing the right vector of development of the research thought and subsequent possibility of publication on the pages of the Journal.
2.2.8. Maintaining a clear and transparent policy of fair selection and a rigorous process for publishing each incoming work.
2.2.9. Lectures to students presenting the information they have received as participants in medical conferences in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as in CIS countries, Europe and North America, motivating them to receive relevant material.
2.2.10. To give lectures to outstanding teachers, doctors and large audiences in order to understand the structure of the scientific work and to emulate their experience.
2.2.11. Holding of webinars with Kazakh, foreign students and teachers.
2.2.12. Provision of language courses with emphasis on medical vocabulary for students and scientists on preferential terms.
2.2.13. Creation of jobs for students, teachers and scientists (part-time work) in the structure of the Journal.

2.3. The Journal is involved in the following tasks:
2.3.1. Enable students and scientists to publish the results of their research;
2.3.2. Exchange of views among researchers from different regions and States.