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Monkey played a video game with the power of thought

Elon Musk's Neuralink startup made a monkey play the video game Pong using only his mind

Editor: Bolysbek Dana

Author: Akhmetzhanova Inara


Elon Musk’s startup, which is engaged in combining the human brain with computers, conducted an interesting experiment. The experimental macaque monkey named “Pager” played a video game with the power of thought. "The monkey is literally telepathically playing a video game using a brain chip !!" triumphantly wrote Musk.

Neuralink devices were implanted on both sides of the Pager's brain to detect neuronal activity. The monkey then played the game for a few minutes using a joystick so the software could detect signals associated with hand movements.

With the help of a surgical robot, part of the skull was replaced with a Neuralink disc, and its thin wires were inserted into the brain.

The disk records neural activity by transmitting information via a regular Bluetooth wireless signal to a device such as a smartphone, Musk said.

“Our first goal is to return digital freedom to paralyzed people,” the Neuralink team said in a statement.