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Online technologies have been in great demand since preschool age.

In the United States, a study was conducted, where it turned out that children already from kindergarten become active users of Internet resources. What will be the forecast for the future?

Editor: Akhmetova Aigerim

Author: Tursunova Balkadisha



The journal "Child Development" published a study that talks about the impact of the use of online technologies by children from preschool age. This observation was made to suggest what the future holds for these children. These children are most likely to be forced out of basic

physical exercises, reading books, quality sleep, and active recreation already in school and adolescence.

In the course of research, it was noticed that boys began to use online games more actively, and girls focused on social networks. In addition, children react more aggressively to the comments of kindergarten teachers.

During the pandemic and in connection with the transition to distance learning, the use of gadgets, computers and smartphones has become frequent and daily. Children are constantly in "virtual reality" and this is an important factor in the development of a small mobile lifestyle, overeating, obesity, poor sleep and mental disorders.

Clearly, the frequent and systematic use of online technologies is extremely harmful to both the physical and mental health of children. This study contains a preventive nature for the benefit of preventing children and their parents from harming their health from Internet addiction.