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Recruitment to the team of the medical journal «IMMS Journal»

My dear colleagues! The medical journal «IMMS Journal» is a platform for scientific research work in Kazakhstan and in countries near and far abroad, and is also a channel of scientific-popular information, increasing the medical literacy of the population.


One of the founders of the magazine is Ajken Bakhtiyar Talīatūly, the editor-in-chief of the magazine, has a research experience for 9 years, has a patent for early diagnosis of esophageal cancer, has participated in foreign medical conferences in Moscow, Warsaw, Abu Dhabi, Vienna, Senior Medical Researcher at UATL University.


Our main objective is to popularize science in Kazakhstan, to create a platform for scientific research in order to enhance the country’s prestige and image in the international arena, and to raise the level of health care in the country as a whole, as well as maintaining a high level of the citation index of authors and an adequate level of refereeing.


Thanks to the active, coordinated activities of the team, IMMS Journal was able to achieve high results: in summer 2019 the summer scientific school for students of NAO «MUA» was launched, a series of remote conferences were held with American colleagues. The 3rd place in the competition of the Science Foundation «Stop-Coronavirus», thanks to Ajken Bakhtiyar @dr.azhken attracted to Kazakhstan advanced technology - digital diagnostics of coronavirus DSA-090. Agreements have been concluded with foreign universities and cooperation has been established with professors from the United States, Switzerland and Finland. In addition, the magazine became an information publication of PRU UATL, and a website for publishing issues and information support -


International professors and doctors of science: Risto Orava (professor, Nobel Committee member, CERN, Switzerland); Megha Agrawal (associate professor, professor, executive publisher and editor of Biotechkiosk magazine, Orlando, Florida, USA); Kenneth Alibek (PhD, Institute of Gerontology, Helsinki, Finland).


This position is an excellent opportunity to form a team for their future projects, to develop versatility, to gain experience in scientific communication, to develop the skills of drafting articles and to start his career as a young scientist, having gained valuable experience of teamwork.


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