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Run, Forrest

Аuthor: Umerzakova Aigerim

Editor: Аibulova Diana







       My name is Forrest. Forrest Gump. Would you like some candy? I could eat a million of them. My mother always said that life is a box of chocolates: you never know which one you're going to get. And so begins the journey into this amazing motion picture that needs no introduction.


      This story is about an amazing and unusual man. The story of a real man who, under the heavy burden of fate, never lost hope. He remained true to himself without committing a single mean action in life, using an unmistakable inner tuning fork that determines the correctness of his actions.


        Forrest Gump is the living embodiment of simple and beautiful human qualities. Sincere, kind, simple-hearted. He is devoid of any sense of envy and selfishness. An amazing and wholesome personality. "Have you ever wondered what you'll be when you grow up?"  - "Won't I be myself?" Yes, he is not smart in the conventional sense of the word, but that is not a flaw or a sign of his inferiority.  After all, only those who do foolish things are considered foolish.


       As a child, Forrest had early childhood autism syndrome combined with mental retardation, followed by mental retardation and autistic behavior.  Early childhood autism syndrome (EBS) is a mental condition characterized by a predominance of active withdrawal from the outside world. The key to Forrest's development of RDA is that he had lower limb paralysis as a child. His inability to move independently caused his mother to be hyperactive, helping her child, on the one hand to protect, but on the other hand to isolate him from the outside world. However, I believe that little Forrest was lucky in only one way from birth: he was the son of a good woman who stepped on her own dignity, just so her child would not be left "overboard" the liner of life, rushing off on the long journey without Forrest.


        Forrest Gump differs from the people around him not at all by his low IQ. The characters whose fate we follow through Gump's eyes have many problems, grievances, hopes and joys. But these people are completely self-absorbed, unable to respond to kindness and openness. And Forrest teaches them a lesson in unselfishness and love. He, in spite of a life that pulls him into the whirlpool of events, remains himself. The protagonist does not ask unnecessary questions, does not go over other people's heads in an attempt to get what he wants. From the very beginning he understood an elementary truth - the happiness and meaning of life is in love.


       I learned a very simple moral from this film: "Be yourself, do what you think is right, and your happiness will come to you.


      The beginning and the end of the film are connected by a single metaphor: the flight of a feather. Our life is short, and for it to be as easy as a feather, we should dwell less on problems and perceive ourselves and those around us as they are. After all, true happiness and love lie within ourselves.