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Аuthor: Аibulova Diana

Editor: Аibulova Diana






       Is it possible to recreate a parallel world or to tuck into a boring life of adventure and mysticism while crossing the threshold of maturity? More than yes, when the mind is subordinate to a paranoid disorder. This disorder is based on the conspiracy thriller of Richard Donner's "Theory of Closure," written by Brian Helgeland, who was unsuccessful in his time, with the taboo discussion and discussion of schizotypic, schizoid disorders and schizophrenia itself, as part of which is paranoid syndrome. However, the plot of the film is particularly relevant at the moment.


      In the center of the events is the life of an ordinary cab driver living in conditions lower than the average for America, fascinated by conspiracy theories. Jerry Fletcher, our main character, collects and analyzes what he hears from passengers, sees in newspapers and on the streets, and collects a whole file of "suspicious" cases. He is obsessed with conspiracy theories and believes that many events in the world are directly related to the "shadow" government. For example, he considers the launch of the shuttle an attempt by NASA to kill the president with seismic weapons. However, one of his theories is further confirmed and the content of the film provides some justification in favor of the hero and the senselessness of his search. An ordinary viewer would consider the scenario as non-cassive, twisted, with such a "zest", so that the film would seem extraordinary, missing details. However, let's look at the image and the diagnosis of Jerry Fletcher. 


      Paranoid syndrome is a type of mental disorder that manifests itself as an interpretive delusion, more often systematized, when delusional ideas and obsessions have a logical logical chain and is one of the lightest forms of delusional syndrome, as opposed to paranoia, when delusional ideas arise against the background of disturbed consciousness. And here we note that Jerry seems to be a conscious citizen. The occurrence of delirium is preceded by a state of so-called delusional mood with an undefined anxiety, an intense sense of impending threat, and a wary perception of what is happening around him. The appearance of delusion is accompanied by a subjective feeling of relief, a feeling that the situation has become clear, and vague expectations, vague assumptions have formed a clear system. As in the case of Jerry Fletcher, who sought to find physical evidence for his theories, building a maze of inferences.


       The paranoid delirium is varied in content, but the main ingredients observed in Jerry were the delirium of persecution, expressed in the firm belief that his activities are followed and pursued with a certain purpose, the delirium of reformation, or inventiveness, expressed in the belief of exposing and explaining everything that happens by building maps and finding whole materials, there were also weak shades of genius and greatness. The dark corners of Jerry's past lead to confirmation of the acquired nature of the disease.


      As you have understood, one paranoid syndrome consists of a number of its component symptoms that stand out brightly against the background of the hero's everyday life with a white brand. It is a difficult current, progressing disease, which brings inconvenience both to the person experiencing the events of a separate reality, and to the social environment. People suffering from this pathology are in dire need of both social and medical care, because, let us admit, the reality is what we see, hear and touch. Then there is a parallel world for them, different from ours, and they need support.