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“The virgin suicides”: what about Cecilia?

Аuthor: Aldanova Aziza

Editor: Аibulova Diana





      The article tells the story of a film about the life of sisters in a conservative Catholic family, where the spouses raise five teenage daughters. Does it remind you of anything? Then I'll tell you: film “Suicide virgins " from Director Sofia Coppola in 1999. The title may seem vulgar, but the scope of the film's meaning is much broader than at first glance. As you know, there are many personalities in the film that you can talk about for a long time. But this article is devoted to the analysis of the personality of Cecilia, the youngest of the daughters. And you will learn the reason further.


      Cecilia Lisbon is a 12 - year-old teenager; no one knows what's going on in her head and they don't try to understand it. There was a suicide attempt, but her parents were able to save her. But what is the reason? And what can turn thoughts of suicide, because they remained to haunt her. As a result, she had to throw herself from the top floor of the house. Let's look at this case in more detail.


      Suicidal behavior is a disorder that occurs due to a number of factors, such as depression, psychological, traumatic brain injuries, schizophrenia, but in children the etiology is not completely clear. It is assumed that they do this unconsciously, on the occasion of intense emotions.


      After the first suicide attempt, a psychiatrist performs a Rorschach test (picture test) to determine whether a person is depressed. As it turned out, the girl did not intend to commit suicide, she just lacked the attention of her parents, who, according to the classic story, were not up to the child. Cecilia was experiencing a state of aloofness, although a teenage girl is not a weak character: she is strong, knows how to admire, but not envy, inquisitive, loves the world and is able to conduct a deep analysis of everything that is happening around.


      The second suicide attempt is crowned with the death of Cecilia. After this incident, many points in the film become clear. The problem of a teenager lies not so much in attention, but in the oppressive attitude of the mother, who, being immersed in Catholicism, restricts children in communicating with the opposite sex, not to mention conducting emotional conversations and attention, while the father showed a loyal attitude to the social circle of his daughters.


     Suicidal disorder is resolvable if you identify it at an early stage and try to help the person understand the spiritual strife. Disorders can be different, as well as solutions are diverse, the main thing is to be able to understand and listen to the person. In particular, a sensitive approach to psychotherapy is important in adolescents, due to the period of growing up, when their personality is fully formed.