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Perfume - Story of a murderer.

Аuthor: Umerzakova Aigerim

Editor: Аibulova Diana





      It is strange how easy it is to forget everything, except for smells. Imagine that our world is surrounded with hundreds of amazing, alluring scents and a human being is their eternal hostage: the very aroma of freshly baked bread, cooked by the warm and native hands of mom; the smell of old books with yellowed pages, smelling of time and history; the smell of slipping through time youth and immaculate innocence; murder, pain and violence, soaked with the smell of fear, adrenaline and anger. Absolutely everything has its own unique scent, which you can not confuse with anything else, and thinking about the exciting scent, everyone will remember something indescribable. This is the beauty and uniqueness of scents. The beauty of the scent is barely perceptible, not tangible, but existing. This is exactly how it was represented by the protagonist of the book and the film of the same name "Perfume - Story of a murderer" - Jean Batiste Grenouille. This story is about an unusual boy, who was born under the counter of the fish market. From the very first breath he was endowed with a highly sensitive smell. He caught various odors and with a refined talent split them into small particles.


       Rejected by his native mother at birth, driven out by society, he survived in unimaginably monstrous conditions and only smells gave him a sense of completeness, and drowning in this exquisite captivity of various scents, he felt truly happy. He was both a victim and a monster at the same time, who was created by a violent society. After all, from childhood neither his life nor his personality meant anything of value to others. And in the end, the system gave birth to its evil genius. Not learning love, he decided to use his unique gift in the most sophisticated way to make society adore him. He created his fragrances, killing the most beautiful virgins of Paris. His goal was to know the millions of scents that could offer this vast and unknown world. He was obsessed with his activities, he embraced himself and enchanted others.


       Soft and alluring skin, fragrant hair, soaked in the freshness and unique scent of innocent girls - all this was a special passion of Grenouille. He was a great admirer of beauty and wanted to convey it through the scents. However, the young perfumer did not even imply that finding and owning beauty is not the same thing, and that beauty is not eternal and it needs to be given a different life form.


       Jean Baptiste Grenouille is the brightest example of a person suffering from dissocial personality disorder. He raved about his idea and dreamed of creating a unique fragrance capable of falling in love and submission. Holyly believing in the truthfulness of his idea, he used people as a means to achieve his goal. People with this mental disorder are not able to build an emotional connection with people around them. They tend to ignore and despise social norms, they are overly impulsive and aggressive. People with dissocial personality disorder are deprived of guilt, pity and empathy. However, such individuals are able to critically assess the public's attitude towards their actions, they understand that they behave "by the wrong rules" and may seem quite normal people at a safe distance. Also it is necessary to understand that such impression is deceptive, because for such person the society is nothing but scenery for the performance with him in the main role. Having put all these qualities together, we face the image of a person who in a work of art can appear as a hypocrite with an innocent smile. That's how Grenouille was. The injury caused by his own mother and society deprived him of absolutely all his feelings except his sense of smell.


      What happened to the unusual boy with a divine gift in the end? Was it worth a crazy idea to create a unique scent of all the murders? The ransom of a human life for a crazy idea is a negligible price. The spirits had everything but to make it for those who can love and be loved by the most ordinary human love. Admired looks and cries, the resulting unique fragrance could not warm the cold heart of Grenouille. He achieves everything: fame, recognition of society, but he has tears in his eyes, because he can't love. And even the unique gift becomes unnecessary for him, he just wants to feel what real love is.


      The moral of history is that no matter what unusual abilities you have, life without true love has no meaning. The unique abilities are nothing without a sense of faith and love. Grenouille, experiencing the collapse of illusions, dies from the senselessness of the received glory. Glory, devoid of absolute truth, love and supreme justice, has no taste. Then life has no meaning either. This is the just retribution.