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Thin line: Zeroing-disease

Аuthor: Аibulova Diana

Editor: Аibulova Diana





      Everyone has ever in their life been subjected to psychological pressure and emotional stress. Every person is familiar with the concept of emotional trauma, which most often derives its origins from distant childhood. There are many ways to count down, so to speak, to zero out life experiences with the sole purpose of erasing past memories.  For this purpose, all you have to do is rewrite your own biography. But in what way? The human brain represents a whole system of multibillion neural connections, in whose veins the memory of all life is stored. The nature of the brain is arranged in such an ingenious way that the main organ has all the resources to hide in the hidden corners of consciousness all things and memories which bring emotional and psychological pressure, but in this story, the defense mechanism is only a mask of severe disorder.


      “K-PAX” is an American psychological drama based on the novel of the same name by Gene Brewer, which tells the story of a hero who rewrites the story of his own life. Our hero, Prot, who emerged at the station out of nowhere and puzzled a lot of psychiatrists, seems surprisingly healthy and adequate. All his actions sometimes look a little strange because of the belief, allegedly, his alien origin, but nothing more. In general, Prot is even more reasonable than many people living outside the walls of a psychiatric hospital, which creates a dual impression and puzzlement in his own competence as a psychiatrist.  Mark Powell, a psychiatrist at the Manhattan Psychiatric Institute, takes Prot under observation after specialists have been unable to diagnose him for a month. Prot realizes that he is considered "special" and understands that Powell is his attending physician. He "lets" him treat himself. Moreover, he discovers his professional knowledge in astronomy and helps other patients to recover. The hero continues to claim that he came from another planet called K-Pax. Prot is ready to give a reasonable answer to any question. The psychiatrist arranges a meeting of Prot with famous astrophysicists, who are amazed by the accuracy of his answers, especially the calculation of the physically accurate trajectory of K-Pax in his native dual system, because the very possibility of the presence of planets there was recently discovered by one of them. Then the attending physician decides to apply the method of deep hypnosis, at the expense of which he finds a certain clue: suppressed memories that belong only to man. In this confusing network of memory fragments, it is possible to find out that Prot is most likely Robert Porter. Robert had a wife and a young daughter. One day, a criminal recently released from prison snuck into Porter's house and raped Robert's wife, killing her and his daughter. The man, who was at home soon after, managed to capture the rapist and kill him, and then killed himself drowned in the river. Robert's body, however, was never found, so Powell made the logical assumption that Prot was Porter. In connection with this sad story, the words of the alien that on K-Pax, supposedly, there is no family institution in principle take on special significance.


        The hero of the film suffers from a super valuable idea - the idea of his alien origin, there are shades of obsessive-compulsive syndrome. At the end of the story, Prot falls into a catatonic state - a syndrome, the main clinical manifestation of which are motor disorders, one of the constituent forms of schizophrenia - mental disorder, characterized by the breakdown of thinking processes, emotional reactions and the collapse of personality.


       The concept of absolute zeroing is not possible. A person cannot erase who he was born and who he is. In fact, the new reality, passed off as the old reality, seems to be the same at first glance, until it is possible to find glimpses of repressed memories and lived days hidden under the cover of a severe illness.