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My phobia is open spaces

Аuthor: Аldanova Aziza

Editor: Аibulova Diana





       Mental illnesses are different, someone has schizophrenia, serial killer syndrome, sadomasochism, personality disorders, manic-depressive disorders and so on, but there is one interesting disease, agoraphobia. Agoraphobia is a disease of open space, a fear of being in crowded places. Moreover, the manifestation of phobia is so pronounced that a panic attack unfolds in a person that agoraphobia is classified as a disorder. A person has to lock himself in an indoor room and distance himself from the social life. Consider the signs of illness of the character of the film "Closed Spaces", Veni.


        Venya is a young boy who suffers from fear of open spaces and crowded places. Panic attack, fear, alienation, anxiety, vomiting and nausea, dizziness, falling, in extreme cases, heart attack, sweating and deregulation, increased heartbeat - all the symptoms he feels when in contact with the public. The cause of his condition was his experience, which was related to the heightened anxiety and panic attack he suffered in the trading house. All the doors in the house are closed, and there are locks with their own hands.


       Exactly, self-isolation is the best solution to avoid stress and possible consequences, but there is a moment where people with agoraphobia, on the contrary, avoid negative thoughts and achieve this by any means, but this does not mean, that they are successfully finding ways to solve their own disease. It’s the same with Venus: he’s on medication, but antidepressants don’t always bring relief and distraction.


       In addition, people with agoraphobia are not confined to themselves, but have only a fear of open space. Veni’s disease worsens as he is away from home for a long time, in shopping malls, in the elevator and elsewhere, wherever he feels unprotected. The hero tries to distract himself in various ways to avoid repeated attacks. An unfounded anxiety is evident in his behavior and communication. But is Vienna really trying to get rid of the disease? Let’s just say, not in particular, he makes no attempt to «free» himself from the room, but tries to realistically look at his state with a hint of sarcasm and understands the essence of his own problem. The character invests in auto-terrorism, which is not shown in the film, but he is unsuccessful.


       The film does not have a depressing background, which makes it easy and appropriate to see the young person’s condition. Fortunately, fate brings him together with Vika and they have much in common, which allows Vienna to be distracted from his condition and focus on a new level of social interaction.