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Batman: Onset of illness

Аuthor: Umerzakova Aigerim

Editor: Аibulova Diana






      We’re all used to seeing one positive side of the comic book industry - bright pictures and superheroes for all tastes. However, in today’s section we will look at it from a different perspective. It was the comics that led the world to believe for the first time that man could be stronger than a locomotive and faster than the wind. But what we’ve all overlooked is that the only thing more popular than the rise of superheroes is their fall.


      How much can childhood trauma affect a person’s integrity and possible development of mental illness? Only a handful of people have asked this question when viewing the most popular film with the participation of all beloved Batman, who is an ordinary man with an endless quest for perfection and perfection. If each character is given fantastic circumstances that give him superpowers, then in Batman’s case, the reason for starting his heroic career is the deep psychological trauma of childhood. The psychological trauma was caused by the death of the parents of young Bruce Wayne (Batman), who were killed in front of him by the robber, and we are faced with the image of a child who, at the age of eight, ceases to be a child.


       The sudden loss of family members often leads to psychological and psychosomatic problems that hinder normal emotional life. Batman feels guilty about what happened, and even after 12 years, he feels angry, angry, and guilty. He becomes a superhero through his unique willpower and self-discipline.

      The psychological trauma caused by the loss of his parents had a negative impact on Bruce’s later life. As he grew older, he began to build his life around the idea of retribution for the death of his parents, and as the heroes struggle against the supervillains, Batman throughout his adult life struggles with his own fears, He’s got a lot on his chest.