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Amnesia: people lost in time

Author: Аbikenova Ayazhan

Editor: Kigbaeva Kamila

Translated by: Turarova Aiym





          It's good that we can remember. This is elementary, but without this ability, humanity is nothing. Learning, communicating with people, developing, and storing pleasant memories are a big part of what makes each person a person. But, unfortunately, there are people who have this mental function suffers. And the movie "Remember" fully reflects what it feels like to be "lost".


       Еveryone knows the Latin phrase "Memento Mori" - "Remember death". This was the name of the story based on which Director Christopher Nolan made this film in 2000. By the way, the author of the work is his brother Jonathan Nolan. In the film, the main character Leonardo Shelby, a successful employee of an insurance company, fate prepared its surprises, after which he began to have blackouts in his memory.


       The painting of the famous Nolan surpassed itself, as well as his other works. The uniqueness is that the course of events goes from the end to the beginning, everything is finalized with the details and requires maximum concentration to understand the denouement of the plot. The film begins with the moment when Leonardo wakes up in a Motel room covered in tattoos, not understanding how and why he got there. A cell phone ring from an unfamiliar number, he picks up the phone, and from the other end of the phone line, a stranger starts talking to him about Sammy Jenkins, a patient who suffered from amnesia and unwittingly killed his wife. Shelby had once won a court case over Sammy's insurance payment to an insurance company. Because Sammy had a mental disability, not a physical one, the insurance company didn't pay his insurance. Leonardo was promoted for winning the trial. The stranger revealed the truth, as Sammy actually killed his wife. Leonardo in response began to tell about the death of his wife and that he wants to take revenge on the killer. A stranger gave Leonardo false information about him, and Leonardo took the life of an innocent man.


       The main character Leonardo began to have blackouts in memory after one night in his house snuck bandits who raped and brutally killed his wife. Leonardo shot one of them, and the other came up behind him and hit him on the head, after which he lost consciousness. As a result of the injury, Leonardo developed anterograde amnesia.


       Amnesia – partial or complete inability to recall past experiences. Partial amnesia can be retrograde or anterograde. So, anterograde amnesia – the inability to reproduce memories after an incident that led to amnesia. Such cases occur after traumatic brain injuries, brain surgery, or after certain tranquilizers that are part of the group of psychotropic medications, and may last for a short or long time. Usually, the amnesia after the cases given in the example does not last long, and the process does not worsen, but the person returns to his previous state. However, in specific diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, brain tumors, amnesia can progress and worsen the patient's condition.


       In Leonardo's case, he remembered everything that happened before he was hit on the head. After that, he forgot new events every 15 minutes. And in order not to forget the most important information, he filled himself with tattoos symbolizing each new memory. Every day, he photographed everything that happened to him, and signed these photos. Despite his mental problem, Leo does not give up looking for ways out of various situations and eventually finds the culprit of all the trouble.


          In everyday life, we, fortunately, remember everything automatically and do not make any effort, except for any moments when you need a reminder entry in your diary or phone. And we can't even imagine what it's like to forget what happened to you half an hour ago. Christopher tried to make sure that the audience could feel all the feelings of the character and realize the value of memory.