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About the greatness of Gordon Gekko from «Wall Street»

Author: Aldanova Aziza

Editor: Aibulova Diana

Translated by: Issabayeva Madina





       "Every dream has its price" is the slogan of "Wall Street" (1987). Oliver Stone was able to make a real masterpiece with an excellent cast. The story unfolds in the Wall Street World Marketplace. Bud Fox, an ambitious young broker, lives in the center of a megapolis, he understands the weight of money and time that money can buy EVERYTHING. In search of a future, Bud was able to meet the industry’s gold digger, Gordon Gekko, who would help him get rich and achieve his dream. But we’re not going to talk about the film, we’re going to do a psychological profile of Bud Fox and Gordon Gekko.


      Bud Fox, a young Wall Street broker, is under some pressure from his superiors because of a work problem. However, he is very ambitious, persistent and blindly believes that money solves everything. Thanks to his tenacity, he manages to interest the very powerful man Gordon Gekko, invest in the airline and buy their shares. But Gekko isn’t just giving him a career, he’s affecting his position. Bud Fox is ambitious and has a deep sense of justice and fairness. Because of the suffering of his family, he decides to take revenge on his main enemy by using his weak spot.


      But it’s worth considering that Gordon Gekko is a shark in his line of work. One of the greedy billionaires who is used to playing by no rules. Moreover, Gordon Gekko is a man in whose guise narcissistic disorders can be seen, as shown below.


      First, narcissism manifests itself in personal superiority, so Gekko has this narcissistic subtype. Gordon sees nothing but his superiority. He thinks the whole world should be at his feet, because it’s funny when you decide and control people’s lives, not them. Moreover, the first impression of Gordon has had a rather positive impact on everyone, but this is the main goal of people with this disorder.


       Second, an inflated opinion of his abilities and achievements consumed Gordon in dreams of "victory". He never loses, because that’s what he hates the most that shows his vulnerability. He also expects unquestioned subordination from others to prove his identity, uniqueness, and great value. In Gordon, you can often see how he idealizes himself by devaluing everything around him: the company, his competitors, and so on.


        Third, he is not familiar with the words «empathy» and «understanding». Gordon is so ruthlessly throwing away unwanted companies, despite the loss it brings to ordinary workers who think nothing of anything on the world stage. But my own greatness is beyond that. Insensitivity leads Gekko to soon destroy his relationship with Bud and embark on a depressive path where everything turns around and against him, but his willpower is still unshakeable, you will think. But no, the loss was already so severe that it hit the narcissist in the weakest place.


      Finally, if you want to see the characters in a Wall Street movie, enjoy watching it. But always be on the lookout: there are people with narcissistic personality disorder among us at 1%. Observation, clarity, analytical skills will help you recognize them, focus. But the essence of the film, of course, is not to show you a person with a narcissistic spectrum of disorder, but, on the contrary, that moral principles and values of life do not match the world’s capital level, they all have their own purpose.