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Autism in men and women: is there a difference?

A study by researchers from the Child Mind Institute found that autism is not the same in men and women

Editor: Bolysbek Dana

Author: Tulkibaeva Nursulu


Autism is a mental and psychological developmental disorder manifested by deficits in the emotional, behavioral, and speech areas. The first signs of an autism spectrum disorder can be detected before the age of 2. What are the signs?

            There are 3 main areas of impairment: impaired communication (the child prefers to be alone, is not interested in communicating with peers), stereotypical behavior, lack of or delayed speech development.

            Men are diagnosed with autism about three times more often than women. This suggests that gender factors play a role in the development and manifestation of the disorder. Researchers at the Child Mind Institute in their recent research focused on studying the relationship between autism in men and women. Thousands of MRI scans were used as materials for the study.

            Studies have shown that autistic people have decreased brain function when they are at rest, which is when we are engaged in cognition or thinking about ourselves. Also, it was found that connections in the visual cortex area between both hemispheres were reduced in autistic women, while no such features were observed in autistic men. This result shows that there is a correlation between gender and the diagnosis of autism.