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Dreams from the point of view of a psychologist

Are there really prophetic dreams? The psychologist explained the meaning of dreams. 

Author: Tursunova Balkadisha 

Editor: Merentsova Anastasia 



An interview on the topic of dreams and their significance in everyday life was taken with the transpersonal psychologist Daria Neledinskaya. When our physical body is asleep, our subconscious mind continues to work, Daria explained. Our dreams can indicate a state of the subconscious. The psychologist explained that through dreams we talk to our subconscious. If we dream of a negative, after which an unpleasant sensation appears, then we need to listen to ourselves. For each person, information about dreams is purely individual and reading dream books in order to find an interpretation of a particular dream will not bring accurate information. 


There can be no unified explanation of the meaning of dreams, said Daria Neledinskaya. "If you dreamed about a negative, you don't need to try to get rid of it. When we want to get rid of something, we, on the contrary, bury it in ourselves, and it turns out that the negative begins to destroy us from the inside. You need to listen to yourself and try to understand why I feel such emotions, what happened, what are my feelings at the moment, what my me is signaling to me, "the psychologist advises. 


The specialist also added that if we do not remember our dreams, then this can be explained for two reasons. Perhaps the person has poorly developed intuitive skills. Either a person does not completely trust himself, there is no connection with his subconscious. But you shouldn't worry about it, because it could be your personality trait or personality trait.