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Is your hand sanitizer safe?

Author: Bolysbek Dana 

Editor: Merentsova Anastasia 



Washing your hands with soap is the best way to cleanse your skin of visible dirt and mucus, which can contain viruses like COVID-19. But when you are on the road, an alternative to this method can be the use of disinfectants. 


We know that there are many different types of hand sanitizers, but how do you know which foods are safe? 


Ethyl alcohol, which is one of the main components, is safe and effective against pathogenic microorganisms. However, some foods may contain other types of alcohol that should be avoided. 


Do not use methyl alcohol hand sanitizer. Methanol is the most toxic compound of all alcohols. It is oxidized in the human body much more slowly than ethyl alcohol, and during its oxidation, various toxic substances are formed. Unfortunately, some manufacturers add methyl alcohol, as it is a cheap analogue of ethyl alcohol. 


Another ingredient to avoid is propanol alcohol, which is also a health hazard. 


Finally, check the expiration date. As with most products, hand sanitizers become less effective over time as the alcohol content decreases. Ethanol-based alcohol disinfectants have a shelf life of about three years.