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The first signs of myocardial infarction

Аuthor: Vishnevskaya Karinа

 Translator: Yurankyzy Saltanat

Сopy editor: Кigbaeva Kamilа


      Myocardial infarction always happens suddenly. However, the pathological process itself develops gradually, so alarm bells can be noticed long before the onset of a heart attack.


      Foreign scientists have found that the first signs of myocardial infarction can appear on the skin. The researchers’ advice: when removing your socks at the end of the day, carefully examine your ankles.


      Particular attention should be paid to bluish or purple skin tones, as well as the appearance of a reticular capillary pattern or yellowish-orange waxy growths.


      Another warning sign is the presence of dents on the skin, which may indicate peripheral edema. This phenomenon is associated with the existing pathology of the cardiovascular system, which can lead to very unpleasant consequences.


      Doctors believe that a balanced diet and regular exercise can help minimize the risk of heart attack. In addition, according to the researchers sound, healthy sleep for at least six hours a day is necessary.