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How does the blood group affect the development of coronavirus infection (CVI)?

Author: Tursunova Balkadisha

Translator: Turarova Aiym

Сopy editor: Kigbaeva Kamila


      4 human blood groups: I (0), II (A), III (B) and IV (AB). Early research looks at the relationship between these blood groups.


      The question of the relationship of blood groups with the development of  CVI. So, the same groups have the likelihood of developing serious diseases, and those who have the first group are less likely to get sick.


      A group of researchers from the Massachusetts General Group and the hospital published a study that concluded that the course of coronavirus disease, caused by extremely severe symptoms, does not depend on blood type.


      In summary, it is important to note that the result of understanding the relationship between the groups of antibodies and blood can help in the development of the most effective vaccines against COVID-19 drugs.